Why we appeared in the TV show Doomsday Preppers on NatGeo


People have asked us why on earth did we expose ourselves as preppers to the world. The simple answer is that we felt the need to urge everyone to prepare and quickly.
The long answer is that by getting out there in the public eye our message would get out there to thousands who would not have the opportunity to know, to prepare otherwise.
Is anyone ever truly prepared? The answer is no. No matter how hard you work at it, how much you store or how much you train, there will be something you forgot. 
This is where your support group comes in. Family, friends and like minded people. Together, as a family, as a group, you have a better chance. 
These are the things we hope to bring out. That working together we can survive. That by preparing for the worst, we can together live for the future. That it’s not about some survivalists holed up in a bunker, rather an extended family, with children, looking toward the future. 
Without that hope of a future, the past means nothing. 
Yes, you can be that survivalist, hiding out in the boonies, eating nuts, berries and venison, but without family, you will just be another mouldering corpse out in the woods, alone. Our family, our tribe, our community will go forward. 

Paul the Skeptic

Paul Range

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Why we teach.

By Paul Range
Gloria and I are preppers, plain and simple. Between us we have 60+ years of preparing for any emergency possible. Since both of us are ex-military we do this in a logical, methodical manner.
When we met we discovered our parents had drilled into us at an early age to have water, peanut butter, crackers, candy and a blanket in the trunk of the car in case of an emergency.
It became apparent to u…s in conversations with acquaintances that they were woefully unprepared for any emergency. They had no plan on how to meet-up with loved ones if say a chemical spill were to occur between work and home. They shopped for supper on a daily basis.
Recently, disasters like Katrina and Joplin, have brought home how unprepared people really are. What would you be able to do for your family if services such as water and electricity were suddenly disrupted? We have all seen how woefully inadequate government responses have been. In fairness it’s not their job. It’s your responsibility to provide for yourself and your family.
To that end, we offer a series of classes to help you help yourself and family to survive any eventually from natural disasters to loss of job. Want to save yourself and your family? Join us in classes that will teach you to do just that.Paul the Skeptic

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